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Fraud Charges Explained

Fraud charges are a serious offence that may result in imprisonment. If you have been charged with fraud or are being investigated for a fraud offence, then it is time to contact George Sten & Co Criminal Lawyers. We have over 50 years experience in the area of criminal law and are equipped with the knowledge, experience and know how needed to defend your case. Our solicitors are the best in the business and will be able to advise you on the prospects of success in your case. For more information, contact George Sten & Co on 9261 8640 or email us to arrange an appointment at our Sydney CBD office. 

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What is a fraud offence?

Fraud is known as a white-collar crime. A white-collar crime is involved with a financially motivated, non-violent crime where the individual committing the crime is benefitting from the proceeds of the crime.

Part 4AA of the Crimes Act 1900 deals with fraud offences. Section 192E states that

person who, by any deceptiondishonestly:

(a) obtains property belonging to another, or

(b) obtains any financial advantage or causes any financial disadvantage,

is guilty of the offence of fraud.

In order to convict you of a fraud offence, the prosecution must prove the following 3 elements beyond reasonable doubt:

  1. By deception, you acted dishonestly; and
  2. That these actions allowed you to obtain financial advantage or property belonging to someone else or cause financial disadvantage; and
  3. Your actions were intentional.

If you are found guilty of this offence, you may be liable for up to 10 years imprisonment.

The above is the general fraud provision and there are several other offences relating to other types of fraud. Other related offences that we also defend include:

  • embezzlement
  • obtaining credit by fraud
  • corrupting commission or rewards
  • obtaining benefit by deception
  • centerlink fraud

Fraud Charges – What court will my matter be heard in?

Fraud is a Table 1 offence, meaning that it is heard in the Local Court, unless the prosecution elects to have the matter moved to the District Court.

Fraud Charges Defences

There are several defences relating to fraud that we may use to defend your case or lessen the fraud charge being brought by the prosecution. One of these defences is duress. If you were coerced into undertaking the fraudulent activity, this fact can be used to your advantage during your trial. We will analyse a full range of defences when consider the particular facts of your case.

If you have been charged with a fraud offence, then we can help you. Our specialised criminal lawyers at George Sten & Co are available around the clock to provide legal guidance. If your matter is urgent, call our 24 hour phone line, 0412 423 569. Call our office and book an urgent appointment at George Sten & Co Criminal Lawyers. Our phone number is (02) 9261 8640 or email us.

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