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Appeals – Court of Criminal Appeal

The Court of Criminal Appeal is the State’s highest court for criminal matters. If you have been convicted or have pleaded guilty and been sentenced in the Supreme Court or District Court, you may appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeal.

There are a number of grounds for appeal, including a challenge to a conviction involving a question of law. The Court of Criminal Appeal may also grant leave to appeal in matters involving questions of fact, or mixed questions of fact and law. It may also grant leave to appeal in cases where the severity or adequacy of the sentence is challenged.

If you disagree with the outcome in your criminal law case, you can appeal the decision in the Court of Appeal. The Criminal Lawyers at George Sten & Co assist in all criminal law appeals. Our  lawyers have over 50 years experience in criminal law. (Read our reviews) For comprehensive legal advice visit our Sydney CBD office or call us on 9261 8640 or 0412 423 569.

There may not always be an automatic right to appeal a criminal case decision, and a grant of leave may apply. There are also time limits to lodge an  application. George Sten & Co will advise on whether you are able to appeal. We also have extensive courtroom experience to present your case successfully.

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Criminal Appeal Lawyers 50 years experience

George Sten & Co lawyers provide expert legal services  such as:

  • All Grounds Appeals (appealing a Magistrate decision)
  • Sentence Appeals
  • Severity Appeals (appealing a sentence imposed)

Appeals are a long process, requiring more evidence, and relying more on detailed case law and legislation. It is imperative to get it right the first time, and this is the reason why your case needs a criminal law specialist. George Sten & Co lawyers meticulously prepare your case and advise you on every step of the process.

Call George Sten & Co on 9261 8640 or 0412 423 569 to discuss your matter to receive the outcome you desire as quickly as possible.



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