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Terrorism can be a rather emotive term in the criminal law context and we here at George Sten & Co firmly believe that anyone charged with a terrorism offence has the right to full and competent legal advice regarding their rights. Some terror-related charges carry up to 25 years imprisonment and impose different legal considerations compared to typical
criminal matters in suspect interrogation and holding.

Our knowledge of terrorism-related offences under the Commonwealth Criminal Code covers allegations of:

  • terrorist training and preparation actions
  • membership in proscribed organisations
  • organisational funding
  • crimes involving extradition to a foreign country
  • violence and political action
  • possessing illegal weapons or materials

It’s important to keep in mind that officials are still bound by the law in administering the criminal process and George Sten & Co can provide you with urgent and fearless criminal defence which is backed by years of proven experience. Ensure that your rights are comprehensively protected – call us on 9261 8640 (or our 24 hour line on 0412 423 569) or visit or Sydney CBD office for a confidential consultation.

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