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Apprehended Violence Orders Hearings (AVO)

Apprehended Violence Order Lawyers

Apprehended Violence Orders, “AVOs”, offer protection against acts of violence. At George Sten & Co, our AVO lawyers protect their clients by giving expert legal knowledge.

Operating for over 50 years in Sydney’s CBD, George Sten & Co are approachable and accessible lawyers. Matters concerning AVOs are urgent in nature. We encourage our clients to contact us on 9261 8640, and we are available 24 hours a day on 0412 423 569.

George Sten & Co offer expert legal advice on Apprehended Violence Order hearings. We also provide information on:

It is strongly recommended to seek legal expertise in deciding whether to issue an AVO or consent to an AVO made against you, and especially once court proceedings start. George Sten & Co have decades of legal proficiency and extensive courtroom experience. Be assured your legal rights are protected with us in your Apprehended Violence Order hearing. Call 9261 8640.

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