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What is an Apprehended Violence Order AVO?

An  Apprehended violence order (AVO) is court order designed to protect a person who reasonably fears personal violence, and harassment from a specified person. AVO’s prohibit intimidation of the protected person by restricting the defendant from approaching a protected person in any place the protected person often attends, their home and/or their work. The protected person or the person in need of protection is often known as the PINOP. This is the person for whose protection an AVO is made. The defendant is the person against whom an AVO is made or sought to be made. The complainant, often either the PINOP or a police officer is the person who seeks or has sought an AVO.

It is to be noted that while most AVOs are taken against a domestic partner, they can also be taken on a personal basis to protect oneself from an individual whom they are not in a domestic relationship with. This type of an AVO is known as Apprehended Personal Violence Orders or APVOs.

Domestic violence includes personal violence committed against a relative, spouse or de facto of the defendant. It also includes a person who has or has had an intimate relationship with the defendant, ora person living in the same household as the defendant but not merely as a tenant. It is a personal violence offence when the defendant breaches the AVO or engages in prohibited behaviour.

Apprehended Violence Orders or AVO’s as they are more commonly known, are orders made under State or Territory laws that provide a quick and flexible method of obtaining legal protection from many forms of violence. Such violence includes physical abuse (through the use of physical force, known as ‘battery’), sexual abuse, and psychological abuse. Often, AVO requests are filed in conjunction with allegations of assault.

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