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Computer Crimes and Cyber Crime Lawyer Sydney

Computer crimes involve severe penalties of fines and imprisonment. Dubbed as a “white collar” crime, cyber and computer crime is a relatively recent area of criminal

law. George Sten & Co lawyers have over 50 years experience, and every client is assured their case is handled by skilled professionals who have practised and seen the law develop. Call us on 9261 8640 or 0412 423 569.

Based in Sydney’s CBD, George Sten & Co provide confidence, understanding and unrelenting representation on computer crime cases
such as:

  • possession of data with intent
  • using a carriage service to menace harass or offend
  • supply of data with intent
  • unauthorised access of restricted data
  • unauthorised access with intent
  • unauthorised impairment of electronic communication
  • unauthorised modification of data

George Sten & Co assist in every step of the process, from investigation toarrest. We represent individuals and firms. Our lawyers have successfully worked on high profile cases in computer crime, such as the Computer Hacking Case. Be assured our approach to your case is strategic, innovative and above all, obtaining the best result. Call us now on 9261 8640 or 0412 423 569.

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