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Maggie Sten Criminal Defence Lawyer

Maggie graduated in 1984 from the UTS Sydney, receiving a degree in Law and began working with George Sten & Co in 1985. With a family heritage of lawyers, Maggie decided to work in Criminal Law only after having visited a Women’s refuge and decided that she wanted to help make a difference in people’s lives.

She has an appreciation for the diversity of backgrounds that people come from, which can result in a lack of understanding of the Law. This is where she demonstrates attributes of benevolence and patience, as she explains the Law in detail, helping people to understand what is acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour.

Maggie’s father, both grandfathers and great grandfather were all lawyers. Maggie has a deep knowledge and understanding of the law and the court system and can use this to your advantage.

Maggie is also passionate about seeing people rehabilitated where they are able to progress with their lives in a successful and satisfying manner. Maggie speaks fluent Polish.

Maggie has extensive experience in defending persons being investigated by the NSW Crime Commission.

Interview with Joel Coleman & Maggies Sten below: 

Maggie Sten has been working as a solicitor in Sydney since the early 1980’s. To say she has ‘seen it all’ is an understatement. Having represented the who’s who of Australian criminal figures, she has an understanding of not only the justice system, but society’s issues at large. We talk about domestic violence, drugs, violent crime, foolish criminals and more. Despite the weight of what Maggie deals with every day, she maintains an incredible sense of humour that lights up this conversation and makes it very entertaining…

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