Sexual Assault Lawyers

Sexual Assault Lawyers

Sexual Assault Charges - Criminal Lawyers George Sten & Co

Why Our Sexual Assault Lawyers

Sexual assault is a very serious offence, that can be penalised with long terms of imprisonment George Sten & Co Sexual Assault Lawyers have extensive courtroom experience and exceptional trial skills. We have been involved in high profile cases such as the Sex Slave case. There are many elements in sexual offence trials that should be explained to you and handled by a criminal law expert, such as what indicates consent and the presence of aggravation. Our driving principle is to obtain the best results for you and provide the best defence possible.

Being arrested and charged with a sexual offence will be without a doubt one of the most difficult and stressful times in your life. Certainly not a time that you should go through alone. Facing the possibility of being arrested is a frightening experience. Police and prosecutors try to make you feel helpless and alone. If you are arrested or being investigated on sexual assault charges, your freedom, your reputation – even your life as you know it, could depend on the decisions you make in the first 24 hours.

Sexual Assault Lawyers

Your freedom and reputation deserve to be protected by our leading industry professionals. Our principal Sexual Assault Defence Lawyer has an appreciation for the diversity of backgrounds that people come from, which can result in a lack of understanding of the Law. This is where she demonstrates attributes of benevolence and patience, as she explains the Law in detail, helping people to understand what is acceptable and non-acceptable behaviour. We also want you to know exactly where you stand at each stage of your case, so we will keep you updated as your case progresses.

Engaging an experienced sexual offences lawyer can make or break your case and here at George Sten & Co, we have over 50 years experience in criminal law. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of the law and the court system and can use this to your advantage.


If you are facing sexual assault charges, or a sex offence charge call George Sten & Co Sexual Assault Defence Lawyers on 9261 8640 or our 24 hour line on 0412 423 569.



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