Sexual Assault

July 24, 2016

How is prostitution defined under Australian law?

Perhaps the easiest definition of prostitution is sexual services in exchange for money, but what fun would leaving the definition on that note be? Instead we can look to the more refined comments of ...
July 23, 2016
Child Sex Offence - Criminal Lawyers Sydney - George Sten & Co

Sex Offence, Indecent Assault & Child abuse laws in Australia|Sex Offence Lawyers Sydney

Sex Offence, Indecent Assault & Child abuse laws in Australia If you have been charged with a sex offence, sexual assault or indecent assault you need to speak with a Criminal Lawyer immediately the...
July 23, 2016
Best Criminal Lawyers Sydney - George Sten and Co

Choosing the Best Criminal Lawyer in Sydney

Best Criminal Law Firm Sydney Get the best criminal lawyers in Sydney on your side. Have you been asked to answer questions at a Sydney police station? Have you been charged with a criminal offence?...
July 23, 2016
Sex Offence-Indecent Assault- Criminal Lawyer Sydney - George Sten &Co


Sexual Offences - The Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) (‘the Act’), in Division 10 specifies offences in the nature of rape, offences relating to other acts of sexual assault etc. Cumulatively, these offences are...
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