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September 15, 2016
Family Violence- Apprehended Violence Orders - George Sten and Co

Family violence and children

Family Violence and Children - Domestic Violence Law - Children may be particularly vulnerable to family violence, and the Act states that a child is exposed to family violence if they see, hear, or...
August 12, 2016

Do prisoners have any rights?

In Muir v The Queen (2004) 78 ALJR 780; 206 ALR 189, Kirby J made the following comments in relation to prisoners’ rights (at 784; 194 [25]): “Prisoners are human beings. In most cases, they are also ...
July 25, 2016
Custodial Sentence - Criminal Lawyers Sydney George Sten & Co

Custodial Sentence – Criminal Lawyers Sydney

1. What is a custodial sentence? A custodial sentence is a judicial sentence that involves being imprisoned. Custodial sentencing is usually reserved for more serious crimes but each state has their own...
July 24, 2016
Bail Application Lawyers Sydney - George Sten and Co

Why is committing an offence on bail deemed to be aggravating?

Bail Offences while committed on bail is considered as aggravating due to the fact that the individual has essentially reneged on a promise to the courts that if granted bail, they will not commit further...
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