Women In Suits Podcast Interview With Maggie Sten

Women In Suits Podcast Interview With Maggie Sten

Maggie Sten Criminal Defence Lawyer from George Sten & Co talks with Joel Coleman about Sexual Consent & Sexual Assault Laws In NSW...


Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyer Maggie Sten featured on Women In Suits Podcast.

This is what they had to say!

She’s been described as the crème de la crème of criminal defence lawyers. On her advice for young driven women pursuing a criminal law career she says “…crime doesn’t stop unless you want to live it and breathe it and love it…you have to believe in your clients and do the best for them.”

Wise words from Maggie Sten, an esteemed criminal defence lawyer from Sydney who has represented some of the State’s most colourful clients. In episode 2 we sit down with Maggie for an animated conversation that spans topics from defending the morally corrupt, why rehabilitate in today’s society and the great drug debate to prosecuting the accused in an age of mass media and much much more! This is an episode not to be missed!
And if you can’t get enough of her, check out her own show ‘Crime Time Podcast With Maggie Sten

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